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Create a safe and brave space

"You need to be aware of what others are doing, applaud their efforts, acknowledge their successes, and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help one another, everybody wins." – Jim Stovall

Good team communication relies on psychological safety, as per Amy Edmondson, who is the person that coined the term psychological safety. She notes, "When team members are motivated at work and want to share an idea for improving performance, they frequently do not speak up because they fear that they will be harshly judged." So how do you create a high performing team through an environment that fosters psychological safety?

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Psychological Safety



What we are: Education through play, about how to create a safe space to allow difficult or brave conversations to happen, and providing a space to practice creating such an environment.


What we are not: Therapy session or platform to have a difficult conversation.

Who it's for

If you are looking to get your team to feel comfortable and safe to speak their minds, share their thoughts and speak their opinions, then this is a good place to start.  

Team size: 4 - 18 (for larger team sizes - please contact us)

Duration: Intro package = 3 times 1 hour sessions.

Set on your preferred dates and times.

Additional 3 or 6 practice session are recommended.

Availability: Online (in-person suspended during COVID)

All games are live and curated.

Pre-requisites: Laptop/ desktop computer with Internet connection and assess to Zoom.

How it Works

What you will experience:

Below is the layout of a session. This program is designed to engage teammates and help them become more open, courageous, accepting, encouraging, and patient. Since deep-rooted habits do not change overnight, this 3-part engagement is an introductory experience, with the recommendation to continue training over time.




Your team will be given bite-sized training on what Psychological Safety is and is not, the benefits, and how to promote it within their teams. 

- Learn how to create safe and brave spaces

- How to tackle fear and address conflict 

- Uncover the 4 areas of being and the 3 C's

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02 / TRAIN


In this game based simulation, employees will experience how they are biased by systems. Each team member will receive a game piece that offers different sets of information.


Teammates will have to rely heavily on speech communication, collaboration, listening skills, creativity and problem solving skills to achieve game success. While playing, teammates must attempt to use what they have learnt in order to increase psychological safety within their teams.

- Increase trust and accountability

- Improve collaboration and productivity
- Raise job satisfaction
- Enhance innovation and creativity

- Break Team Silos

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After a debrief and following each session team members will receive a confidential report of their efforts in using their learnt skills while playing. Using this score they can aim to improve each time they play. 

Managers will also get an anonymous team report showing overall results. This information can then be used to assess the communication progress of the team. 

- Track personal development progress over time with personal & confidential reports after each session.

- Grow inclusive communication confidence

- Reveal team's communication growth 

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How it works Discovery
Reviews- Discovey

What clients are saying



- Freelance -

I really enjoyed learning about everyone's communication styles, as well as working on the puzzles! I am coming from the place of working with my team quite a lot, even finishing a whole escape room game with one of them and it felt very nice to have that communication be studied and tested, hopefully in a way that is helpful overall.


Winston - Salem, NC, USA

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