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Game On!


Each adventure is unique, fun, and collaborative. They all provide the opportunity to engage your teams and provide many valuable insights. 


The games last from 30-40 minutes and are for teams of 2-6 players. You will have access to all the materials you need for the duration of the license purchased. Additionally, you can use it with as many teams and as many times as you like! 

We offer a 7-day license, so you can purchase on an as-needed basis when your next training session is booked by your client. Longer-term licensing is available upon request (email

Adventure Time!

Take it to the Next Level!

You get all this with each license purchased..

Facilitator Instructions

Complete set of information needed to run the games.

Game Guide

Overall storyline, goals, how to solve, hints, game links, and answers.

Intro Video

A fun and entertaining video to energize the team.


Background music to set the mood.

Virtual Background

A themed background to further enhance the experience.

Debriefing Questions

A comprehensive list of questions for providing valuable insight.

Engage your clients online now!

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