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“A lot of problems in the world would be solved if we talked to each other instead of about each other.” - Nickey Gumbel

So you have learnt about personality styles, but can you comfortably identify team members and properly adopt to their communication preference? In order to capitalize on the learnings, you need to practice.  

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Practice Working with Diverse Personalities





What we are: Learning and practicing through play, how to recognize different personality types, and understanding how to adopt your communication style to reduce friction.


What we are not: Not a labeling tool or a deep dive in personality assessment tools.

Who it's for

If your people frequently work in teams, rely on interpersonal communication, and work with a rainbow of personalities, then Personality Discovery is the right program for your team. 

Team Size: 4 - 18 (for larger team size - please contact us)

Duration: Intro package = 3 times 1 hour sessions.

Set on your preferred dates and times.

Additional 3 or 6 practice sessions are recommended.

Availability: Online (in-person suspended during COVID)

All games are live and curated.

Pre-requisites: Laptop/ desktop computer with Internet connection and assess to Zoom.

Personality assessment tool should be taken (such as DISC, Myers Briggs, Gallop Strength finder or 16 Personality Factor). If not, we provide a full in-depth personal report through our partnership with ActionCOACH.

How it Works

What you will experience:

Below is the layout of a session. This program is designed to train teammates to identify different personalities through play. Since deep-rooted habits do not change overnight, this 3-part engagement is an introductory experience with the recommendation to continue training over time.




Your team will be given bite-sized training on the different personality assessment tools and how they relate to each other. We will also look into the Johari Window model and use this to help teammates understand themselves and others. During each session, the course will go deeper and provide additional information to help individuals swiftly identify personalities and how to adopt their communication to suit others. 


- Acquire a basic knowledge of the different personality types

- Gain an understanding of yourself and your personality style

- Become mindful of other's communication preferences

02 / TRAIN



During the training session the DISC concept will be used for it's ease in remembering. This is a recorded practice playground. Each team member will receive a game piece that offers different sets of information. Teammates will have to rely entirely on speech communication, collaboration, listening skills, creativity, and problem solving skills in order to complete the challenge. While playing, teammates must attempt to use what they have learnt in order to score high points. 


- Practice communication using gained knowledge

- Collaborate in a safe virtual environment

- Gain trust in teammates and reduce conflict

- Enhance team bonding and camaraderie

- Achieve a common goal as a team

- Value each team member's skills

- Give a voice to every participant 

- Break Team Silos

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After a debrief following each session, team members will receive a confidential report of their efforts in using their learnt skills while playing. Using this score, they can aim to improve each time they play. 

Managers will also get an anonymous team report showing overall results. This information can then be used to assess the communication progress of the team. 

- Track personal development progress over time with personal & confidential reports after each session.

- Grow communication confidence

- Reveal team's communication growth 

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What clients are saying



- Freelance -

I really enjoyed learning about everyone's communication styles, as well as working on the puzzles! I am coming from the place of working with my team quite a lot, even finishing a whole escape room game with one of them and it felt very nice to have that communication be studied and tested, hopefully in a way that is helpful overall.


Winston - Salem, NC, USA

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