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Directory of Mind Mentors

Here we have curated some of the best minds in training, coaching, mentoring, development, consulting, and teaching. If you or your organization is looking for someone to boost productivity, creativity, brainpower, or anything else, then you have come to the right place. 

Take a look below and find your next growth specialist to help improve your life, business, or skills.

Melanie Booher

Culture coaching and gamification, human resource services, become an author

Culture coaching and gamification, human resource services, become an author

Cesar Viana Teague

Helping Startups & Small Business Founders with B2B sales growth.

I'm doing 2 things these days for your review: 1. Accelerate Sales Service - Helping Startups & Small Business Founders grow sales with MidMarkets & Enterprises, in the USA & Europe, with Done for You sales appointment setting, sales enablement, and connecting to investors if needed. 2. Bay Angels Volunteer Advisor on Deal Flow and Presentations for Startups -

Geoff McLachlan

Speaker, Trainer and Coach

Geoff brings the fun! Using play to open doorways for better communication, creativity and improved culture!

Michael Gates

Cross-cultural management, negotiation, teams, leadership

I offer training and coaching on over 100 cultures, plus function-specific cultural and other training/coaching

Yael Zofi

Hybrid Team Management, Leadership Advisory, Cross-Cultural Communications

Team Guru - hybrid / remote work SME, virtual team strategist, online meeting facilitator, talent retention coach, author, professor, executive assessor & trusted leadership advisor

Arnold Sanow

Soft Skills, Interpersonal Relationships, Leadership, Team Building, Presentation Skills

Help Leaders and Teams to Get Along Better with Colleagues, Customers and Employees

Matthew J Cahill

Management Consulting, Employee Workshops, Executive Coaching

We build upon the belief that if you have a brain, you have bias!™ We take a self-reflective approach to move organizations from bias to belonging™.

Rahel Heinecke

Culture, Bias, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Belonging

I am fascinated with how our differences make us stronger. I strive to help others achieve this realization.

Nancy Zare

Sales Coaching, Sales Consulting, Speaker/Author

Using her knowledge of psychology, Nancy Zare, Ph.D. teaches service-based professionals how to increase sales comfortably, without being salesy.

Christopher Hughey

Medical Practice Optimization, Physician Burnout Reduction, Staff Morale Improvement

We fight physician burnout and create happier, more productive medical practices.

Sejal Thakkar


A Better Workplace Awaits. I educate and empower others to create positive, safe, and respectful workplaces by providing effective and customized training programs.

Mathew Heinecke

Game Design, Team Building, Creativity

I love helping people and seeing them grow and improve their minds. Adventure, play, games, and fun are embedded in my nature.

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