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Inclusive Communication

“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.” - Anthony Robbins

A diverse team without inclusion is ineffectual! Inclusion is the pre-requisite for the functioning of a diverse workforce. To promote inclusivity, companies must improve their overall communication strategies. Inclusive communication is described as a means to exchange information in a way that allows everyone to understand, no matter their background, in order to feel like they belong.

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What we are: Learning about and practicing through play, how to identify and navigate communication barriers through an understanding of yourself and others, and how to use inclusive language.


What we are not: Not a tool on how to create a diverse team or eliminating prejudice.

Who it's for

If you have a diverse team, and are looking to get your team to not just become inclusive, but feel a sense of belonging, then you have come to the right place. Having employees that feel a sense of belonging, increases positive self-image, builds stronger business relationships, provides a respect for others, and promotes an acceptance of differences, which in turn, creates collaborative and more cohesive teams, leading to proven team goal achievement. 

Team size: 4 - 18 (for larger team sizes - please contact us)

Duration: Intro package = 3 times 1 hour sessions.

Set on your preferred dates and times.

Additional 3 or 6 practice session are recommended.

Availability: Online (in-person suspended during COVID)

All games are live and curated.

Pre-requisites: Laptop/ desktop computer with Internet connection and assess to Zoom.

How it Works

What you will experience:

Below is the layout of a session. This program is designed to introduce teammates to new perspectives about others through play. Since deep-rooted habits do not change overnight, this 4-part engagement is an introductory experience with the recommendation to continue training over time.




Your team will be given bite sized training on the definition of inclusive conversation and it's importance in teams and organizations. We will discuss bias, age, gender, and cultural communication barriers. 

- Acquire a basic knowledge of barriers to inclusive communication.

- Gain an understanding of your and other's world view

- Acknowledge other's backgrounds

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02 / TRAIN


In this game based simulation, employees will experience how they are biased by systems. Each team member will receive a game piece that offers different sets of information. Teammates will have to rely heavily on speech communication, collaboration, listening skills, creativity, and problem solving skills in order to achieve game success. While playing, teammates must attempt to use what they have learnt to feel the impact of socialization on their personal interrelations.

- Feel a sense of belonging 

- Form stronger relationships

- Increase positive self-image

- Gain an acceptance of other's differences

- Form respect for other's world perspectives

- Value the voice of every team member

- Break Team Silos

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After completing the practice game, team members will participate in a 1on1 session with each team member with the aim of discovering unique attributes of the teammates.

Individuals will be given guidance questions that promote conversations, and the team must use their learnt inclusive communication to navigate the discussion. 

- Become cognizant of teammate's backgrounds

- Understand teammate's different world perspectives

- Form friendships and deepen acquaintances

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After a debrief and following each session team members will receive a confidential report of their efforts in using their learnt skills while playing. Using this score, they can aim to improve each time they play. 

Managers will also get an anonymous team report showing overall results. This information can then be used to assess the communication progress of the team. 

- Track personal development progress over time with personal & confidential reports after each session.

- Grow inclusive communication confidence

- Reveal team's communication growth 

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Reviews- Discovey

What clients are saying



- Freelance -

I really enjoyed learning about everyone's communication styles, as well as working on the puzzles! I am coming from the place of working with my team quite a lot, even finishing a whole escape room game with one of them and it felt very nice to have that communication be studied and tested, hopefully in a way that is helpful overall.


Winston - Salem, NC, USA

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