Your team's differences are your greatest assets, but is your diversified team cohesive? Using our...


Mind Focused Gamification Designed to Enhance Smart Communication guided by AI 

...Your team will discover their uniqueness and maximize your team's performance! 




Breaking Barriers

We go beyond enhanced communication, to an understanding of each other for maximized healthy interactions. 



Assessment tools are a great start to knowing who you are and how you work best. It is no wonder then that high performing teams must begin by them knowing themselves, then knowing each other. 

Use our DISC assessment tools, and get insights on your team's composition. 

02 / TRAIN

With our proprietary gaming platform using HAPI (Human Assessment Personality Identification), the team will practice working with different personality types assisted by our Artificial Intelligence system. 

In addition, the team mates will experience MIND challenge games revolving around the 6- Domains of cognition supported by our inhouse Engineers, Designers and Psychologist.


The manager will then receive a report on the team's assessment composition, performance and engagement.  They can further pursue mind-based recommendations on how to enhance team's cohesion.

Team members will also receive a report keeping track of their communication progress as they keep playing, and providing tips on improvement areas. 




CEO & founder.


BFA - Industrial Design (CCAD)

MA- Furniture Design (SCAD)

MBA - (SU)

Over 13 years Engineering in executive aircraft interiors. Holds several design works awards. Serial entrepreneur.  

Co-founded an Escape Room with Matt for over 4 years international and local. 

Co-founder of M1ND 6YM.

Rahel enjoys travelling and spending time with family. 


As soon as Rahel and Matt met they discovered very quickly that they were a perfect team. But what was exceptional is the fact that they were from very different countries, cultures, religion, race and even personalities. Against all odds they were able to achieve a perfect blend. Rahel and Matt became fans of playing escape rooms on their dates and decided to open their own. Through this they saw the power of teams when biases where set aside, as well as the importance of communication in achieving a goal. 


They soon realized that mind exercises where a great way to cause greater engagement, creativity, collaboration and communication in teams. 

Teams with healthier communication styles and an understanding of one another's talents achieved greater success. 

This they feel mirrored their relationship. They saw an opportunity to use their passion and experiences in a pursuit to empowering all individuals regardless of differences to achieve their greatest potential and pursue their dreams, hence the birth of MAXIMYZ. 


President & founder.

BS - Mechanical Engineering (UofU)

Over 20 years in Mechanical Engineering and project management in aerospace and heavy duty vehicles. Holds several design and utility patents.

Co-founded an Escape room with Rahel.

Co-founder of M1ND 6YM.

Matt loves playing golf, designing logos, and being outdoors with family.


We envision a world where all communication is healthy and all individuals are empowered to perform at their greatest potential to achieve their dreams.


MAXIMYZ instills the importance of healthy communication in teams through acknowledgement of personality differences. We provide a safe playground for teammates to engage through mind focused games guided by artificial intelligence. Our challenges revolve around the main 6 domains of cognition to promote healthy minds, which in turn cultivates creativity, collaboration, engagement and confidence.



Tel:  336-776-3119

690 Jonestown Road, Suite 150

Winston - Salem, NC 27284, USA



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Tel: 336-776-3119

690 Jonestown Rd, Suite 150

Winston Salem, NC 27284

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