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We Want You to Become a Champion Communicator

Imagine if every interaction with your partner, family, and coworker was engaging, productive, and enjoyable. What would it be like to better handle conflict, build trust, solve problems together, and have closer relationships?

We are on a mission to improve the way people interact, understand, and relate to each other using learning, games, insight, and artificial intelligence.

We are Rahel and Matt Heinecke and we help people learn how to communicate better with each other.

We have worked with over a thousand teams and created hundreds of mind-challenging and collaborative communication adventures that make learning engaging and memorable.

Communication can be modeled as follows. You have a sender, the message they are sending, the method used to send the message, the receiver, and how they interpret the message. It seems easy, right! Unfortunately, there are many areas where communication can break down. It can be physical (the internet is down), it can be psychological (my mother just passed away and my mind is not present right now), it can be physiological (I might have a hearing issue or a strong accent, and it can be personal (things might be said differently depending on what culture you associate with)

As you can see, there are many places it can go wrong. We are going to teach you one simple way to start improving your own communication. Are you ready? It’s very simple but takes some effort and practice. You can do this!

The next time you are having a conversation, try to stay quiet as possible. Really focus on listening to what the other person is saying. Make solid eye contact. Block any thoughts coming into your mind and really soak in everything they are saying. Then, repeat it back to them. Like, “So what you are saying is…”

Make a game out of it. Pretend that you are a secret agent and you are trying to gather as much information from the person as possible. Your goal is to be able to bring that intel back to headquarters for analysis. Your country and many lives are depending on this information. So, you don’t want to miss any of it.

Try this for a week and then let us know how it goes. We would really be interested in knowing how it works for you.

Recently, a client of ours came to us looking for a way to bring their executive team closer together. In our initial survey, it was found that some team members felt that others were not following through on their promises, the team was not making decisions quickly enough, and they weren’t accepting of new ideas or willing to take risks.

We suggested our course on Psychological Safety as a good place to start. This is where we teach how to create a safe environment for expressing thoughts and ideas without any fear of being criticized.

Within 3 collaborative and mission-based gaming sessions, we saw them encourage each other 4 times more often, listen to each other 3 times more often, and share ideas 5 times as much!

They loved playing the games and said the impact of the reports they received by far was the most valuable. It encouraged them to notice and change their behavior at work and at home.

Imagine what that would look like in your relationships at work and at home.

The fact that you have read this far in this article means that you realize the importance of improving communication and all the benefits associated with it. And that you now understand how using games backed with valuable feedback can improve behavior.

In our program, you will gain valuable insight into your own communication style and skills, get to better know and understand others, and connect on a deeper level.

Each session is an opportunity to learn something new about communication, in short, bite-sized pieces that are easy to understand and remember.

You will then apply it immediately while playing a fun-filled, mission-based, and collaborative adventure game.

Next, you will receive your AI-guided report, filled with valuable insight into your own communication skills.

Based on your personal results, instruction will be available for you to learn on your own and focus even further on those skills you want to improve.

Communication is a skill that needs to be practiced on a constant basis. Just like professional athletes train to become champions, you too can train to be a champion communicator!

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1 Comment

Eva Ombaka
Eva Ombaka
Sep 24, 2021

I loved this article. I am in the health field and teach college/university students. In these areas I see issues of communication related to "power differences". The power difference between doctor/pharmacist and patient or between lecturer/professor and student. In your courses, what areas would you focus on to reduce this power imbalance? And are your courses and games amiable to use by college/university students?

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