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Team Debriefing Questions

Depending on the goal of your training, there are many insightful debriefing questions that can be asked. We have given a few examples below for different categories of team behaviors. Please feel free to advise us on any of your great ideas for questions.


What happened?

What did you learn?

About your team?

About yourself?

What can be done differently next time?

What were you feeling as you experienced the session?

How did you feel about your teammates?

How will you use what you learned going forward?

What changes will you start making today?


How did you feel about the team’s communication?

What was the most challenging communication approach?

What was the most successful communication approach?

What type of communication made the task challenging? Has the level of trust changed through this process? How and by how much?


Was the work divided evenly?

Did anyone struggle?

How did the team handle it?

Were there any obstacles to collaboration?

What were they?

How did you handle them?

What did a fellow team member do that was really helpful?

What was the best idea from the team?

Decision Making

Did you have a decision-making process?

Would a decision-making process have been helpful?

Why or why not?

What was your decision-making process?

Why did you choose it?

How well did it work?

What other decision-making processes could you use?

How could it have gone better?

Problem Solving

How did you feel about the team’s problem-solving?

Did you use any problem-solving methods?

What problem-solving methods did you use?

Why did you use them?

What other tactics or processes did you use to complete the task?

How did you find the solution?

Why don't you think you found the solution?

What would you do differently next time?


How did you feel about planning?

Is planning important?

Did any planning occur?

How did it go?

Were any roles defined? What were they?

Why were they selected? Who were they assigned to? Why were they assigned that role?

How did you feel about those roles?

What can be done to improve planning?

Behavior Styles

What different behavioral styles did you notice?

What led you to that conclusion? What behaviors were particularly effective in accomplishing the team objective?


Was a leader chosen?

How were they chosen?

Why were they chosen?

How do you feel about having a leader?

What makes a great leader?

What can a leader do to improve the outcome?

What questions would you ask? (Please comment below)

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