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What is Gamification?

And Why You Should Consider Using It In Your Training Program.

Gamification of Learning is about making learning fun, engaging, and interactive. People have played games for thousands of years. Games are found in almost every culture around the world. Games can be played at all ages. Whether it is board games, sports, gambling, video games, many people love games in one form or another. In this article, we will explain what gamification is and the benefits of using it as a training tool.

What is a Game?

Before we talk about gamification, we need to know what a game is. A game can be defined as a form of play or sport, especially a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck. In general, a game should have three things: A goal, a challenge, and rules. For example, in poker, the goal is to beat the other players by having a winning hand. The challenge is that you don't know what cards they have. And there are several rules in terms of betting, exchanging cards, and what determines a winning hand.

What is Gamification?

Now that we know what a game consists of, we can talk about gamification. Gamification is about taking game elements (scoring, rewards, puzzles, competition, etc.) and applying them to other activities. Gamification can come in many forms. It can simply be using a points system for rewards or seeing who can complete a task the fastest.

There is some resistance to gamification mainly due to the belief that it is just about points and rewards systems. However, there are many more ways to incorporate games and use them as a tool to teach and provide insight.

Gamification and Behaviors

There are intrinsic and extrinsic factors that can be used to motivate and reward.

Extrinsic motivation happens when something outside of us compels us toward a certain behavior. An example would be if you receive points every time you buy a sandwich. The points can be used eventually to get free items. Thus, you may be motivated intrinsically to buy more sandwiches and get more points.

Intrinsic motivation occurs when we have internal reasons for engaging in certain behavior. This could be like enjoying the amusement of playing tennis with your friend. You are motivated internally because it is fun and rewarding. You enjoy being outside, with good company and challenging your skills.

Extrinsic motivation can work with activities that are not necessarily enjoyable. Like exercising, taking an online course, or making a purchase. Intrinsic motivation can be used as a way to gain insight and learn about others. You can decide which to use or combine them both.

Why Use Gamification?

Games can have many benefits. We have listed some below.

They can make learning engaging

When playing a game, you may become immersed in the activity. Your mind needs to concentrate and focus on the task at hand. The excitement of the game can help attract and keep your attention.

They can reveal true behaviors

People may tend to let their guard down when playing together. They can joke, laugh, and play. This can create an atmosphere where people can be themselves and not worry about being perfect or formal.

They can provide insight

Because personalities can come out through play, it makes it a way to observe one's behavior along with others.

They can promote bonding

Through sharing an experience together and learning more about each other, bonds can be created and strengthened between people.

They can be memorable

The more that the senses and emotions are engaged, the more connections are made in the brain. This helps with memory recall. Games can incorporate aspects of emotions and sensory inputs. If a story can be incorporated, it will provide even more connections to help with memory.

They can provide a safe space

A game can be a way to simulate situations and practice skills. Because there are no dire consequences, this makes it a safe way to learn.

They can motivate

Because a game has a challenge and a goal, it can help motivate players towards certain behaviors needed to meet those challenges and achieve the goal.

Final Thoughts

Gamification of your training program can be a great way to keep your clients engaged, motivated, and learning. It gives you the possibility to observe real behaviors and reveal valuable insights. You might want to consider adding some spice to your program through play and interaction. It can be a way to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack and get your clients buzzing about it.

If you are interested in learning more about how to gamify your training program, we would love to help. We have several years of experience creating hundreds of mind-challenging and mission-based adventures and worked with over a thousand teams.

Email us at and get started today!

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