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Increase Your Input with Inclusion

“What do you think?"

The more inclusive you are, the more input you will receive.

This means that there is a more diverse set of ideas and opinions being used. Therefore, you can have a better chance at coming up with more unique ideas, have more chances to find solutions, or even avoid pitfalls.

Inclusivity Leads to Growth and Innovation

"Let’s hear your idea!”

Allowing inclusivity encourages knowledge sharing within the team thereby creating more opportunities for innovation as you share opinions and suggestions with one another. This allows you to have fresh and vibrant ideas that allow you to better understand how to steer the team towards success.

This also creates an opportunity for you to have an easy and effective feedback mechanism. Being open to others’ ideas allows you to widen your perspective, creating better ways to understand what works and what doesn’t. That way you are allowing not only your company but each member to always learn new things thereby encouraging constant growth and development.

Create an Inclusive Culture at Work for Success

“I want to hear everyone's opinion!”

Company success is heavily reliant on how functional you are as a team. Inclusivity and proper communication allow you to ensure that your teams’ ideas are coherent and that they are united in working towards your collective goals.

Creating a workplace environment that encourages communication and inclusivity increases your team’s morale by making them feel that they are involved in every process of making your company or business succeed. This allows each and everyone to have a sense of belongingness, connection, and camaraderie with one another which contributes to the company’s overall productivity.

Inclusivity and Communication is Creating a Functional Team

“Why don’t we hear from the rest of the team to get our ideas flowing?”

Like they say, “a good team is like a well-oiled machine”. Each individual of your team has specific functions that contribute greatly to your overall success. It doesn’t stop only at having the best and brightest minds for the job, but ensuring that there is an understanding of the tasks to be done as well as unity among the team. The collective yield of an effective and functional team is much more determinant than just focusing on their individual contributions.

Having and maintaining inclusivity does not just set you up for success but is also essential for the stability and longevity of your company or business. So the next time you notice someone being quiet in the corner, please invite them into the conversation.

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