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The Playground - June 2021

Maximyz Newsletter

June 2021

Another month gone by! Too fast! However, it is nice to get some sunshine, be outdoors, and gather a bit more. We have already logged a couple river tubing trips.

June marks quite a few things. The end of the school year (it was a rough one), the beginning of summer (let's get some vitamin D), and less masks and more face-to-face gatherings (woohoo!).

We are excited to move forward and start growing and opening things up again!

That's Interesting!

Everyone is talking about diversity and inclusion lately. There are many measurable benefits to diversity. Teams are more creative because they have a larger variety of ideas to mix and match. Teams are able to address more risks that might be unseen within a team that has little or no diversity. And diverse teams are able to come up with more solutions more quickly due to the added perspectives.

There are examples of experiments that confirm this in this Psychology Today article: Why Diverse Teams Outperform Homogeneous Teams

Check it out and let us know your comments below.


We hosted our second event: How Inclusion Unleashes Creativity. There was a great turnout and we worked on creating different types of monsters.

We used this same idea to create aircraft in a Flash Fifteen event hosted by Chris Federer. This recurring event is a whirlwind of learning and discovery. Connect with people in a new way and exercise your brain

The Interchange

We have a few new episodes of The Interchange this month.

Kelly Dowd - Learn about training sales representatives, how is roleplaying like kale, and teaching emotional intelligence to kids.

Michael Lawrence - We spoke about how Seinfeld can jazz up the workplace, the neuroscience of learning, where fun and games fit in the workplace, and the benefits of microlearning.

Dani Espinoza-Gonzales A great discussion including how rugby teams relate to corporate teams and how a 10 day meditation retreat can adjust your mindset.

Thoughts of the Month

Now more and more of us have been vaccinated we have been able to gather with our masks off. Although a bit uncomfortable at first, it really has been great to meet and see faces again. Companies are also starting to bring workers back into the office and there has been much discussion about the pros and cons of hybrid working (or part time work form home).

Our thoughts are that it will be a challenge and it can be difficult to adapt to change. We are so used to our ways, that it will be uncomfortable for some. Every person is different, has different needs, personalities, circumstances, etc. Our hope is that employers remain flexible and patient in their return to work programs and put their people first.

What are your thoughts? Please feel free to comment below)

Of course, we also believe that our program can make a huge difference in this area by providing ways for teams to connect and learn more about each other.

What's New at Maximyz?

We finally figured out a way to incorporate AI into our program! Our proprietary Gameplay Artificial Intelligence Narrative System (GAINS) analyzes your language and provides insight into your communication skills. The system looks at several different aspects of communication and sorts through thousands of words and hundreds of phrases to give you an overall communication score.

Check out our sample reports below:

Maximyz_Assessment- SAMPLE REPORT
Download PDF • 1.05MB
Psychological_Safety_team_Report -SAMPLE- Maximyz
Download PDF • 579KB

Have a great month!

Rahel and Matt Heinecke

Founders of Maximyz

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