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Posh & Dandy

Save the fashion world from disaster (and llamas)!



# of Players:



30 Minutes

Posh & Dandy

You and your colleague are reporters for a well-known fashion magazine. At the fashion week pre-party, you both become very drowsy. It appears that someone spiked your champagne.

You wake up in adjacent and locked rooms. You can hear each other, but not see each other.

It appears that a deranged and jealous fashion designer is upset that their fall collection was not selected for fashion week. They have kidnapped all the models and are threatening to replace them with llamas.

They left you each a piece of their self-made magazine, “Posh & Dandy” and won’t let you go until you find their favorite word.

You have to think fast. You only have 20 minutes until the llamas arrive.

Game Piece Example:
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