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Yael Zofi

Hybrid Team Management, Leadership Advisory, Cross-Cultural Communications

Team Guru - hybrid / remote work SME, virtual team strategist, online meeting facilitator, talent retention coach, author, professor, executive assessor & trusted leadership advisor

■ Team 'Guru' specializing in Employee Retention, Team Setup, Remote Management Strategies, Online Coaching, Hybrid Training, Leadership Advisory and helping your work unit stay together when everyone is dispersed via her groundbreaking work in virtual team assessment, team setup and trust/accountability challenges (See

■ Leading authority on topics related to talent engagement and cross-cultural communications in hybrid workplaces, Solution provider those looking to dramatically improve performance in the workplace

■ Advising companies and individuals bridge gaps to establishing better human connection in the virtual workplace

■ Helping leaders successfully set up remote teams and establish processes to keep employees engaged and motivated

■ Dedicated to enhancing team effectiveness in the areas of global leadership, cross-cultural communications, executive assessments and business coaching

■ Passionate about transforming the modern workplace with groundbreaking work in hybrid team effectiveness and agile management development

■ Provider of innovative management techniques and cutting-edge data, teaching the next generation of business students at New York University, American Management, Oxford University, Tel Aviv University and numerous global institutions - practitioners and global leaders across the world are implementing her collaboration and pragmatic management strategies


■ Leadership Coach with C-Level executives who are upgrading skills when working in a multicultural environment, building executive presence, gaining better impact and influence skills as they manage globally and align with the new business environment

■ Change management implementation consultant

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