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Michael Gates

Cross-cultural management, negotiation, teams, leadership

I offer training and coaching on over 100 cultures, plus function-specific cultural and other training/coaching

  • Cross-cultural skills development – both country/region-specific and general. I am supported by a virtual team of country experts where required, whom I ‘beam in’ to my sessions.
  • Functional cross-cultural areas, such as negotiation, multicultural teams, presenting to different cultures, leading across cultures, emailing across cultures.
  • Corporate culture consultancy – e.g. helping organisations formulate organisational values and behaviour, and implement them.
  • Pure negotiation skills, as well as cross-cultural negotiation skills.
  • Persuasive communication skills.
  • Building high-performing teams (mono- as well as multicultural) using an online diagnostic tool I developed.
  • Working successfully in remote and hybrid teams. I recently helped produce an award-winning video series on the topic.
  • Trust.
  • Leadership through Shakespeare and other literature (this is a newer area for me, but I read English Literature at Oxford and so it is something in which I am very interested.)
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