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The Playground - Fall 2021

Maximyz Newsletter

Fall 2021

Fall has arrived along with the cold weather and winter is just around the corner. It has been a busy time getting all the kids back to school and working on new ideas.

These last few months have been a time for us to look into how else we can use our program to help others learn more about themselves and each other. We tested a couples' version of what we do to see how it might help them communicate better. We also realized there is a demand from trainers and coaches to license our games for their own training.

Take a read below and see what's new and what we have learned over the last few months.

That's Interesting!

Ever heard of the High 5 Habit? Or the 5-Second Rule? They are both books by Mel Robbins and provide simple techniques to change your way of thinking.

In particular, the High 5 Habit talks about giving yourself a high-5 in the mirror. There is something about giving someone a high-5 that just feels good. It released that dopamine in your brain and makes you feel powerful, accomplished, and ready to take on the world.

So, to build that confidence and motivation within your teams, give them (and yourself) a high-5 every day!

Check out the video to learn more.


We are planning on hosting a series of monthly events to introduce our games and give trainers and coaches a chance to experience them in action. Stay connected with us by subscribing to this blog (just click the button on the top right) or on social media via these links: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram

The Interchange

We have a few new episodes of The Interchange. Take a look and hear some great advice about culture, teams, and togetherness from forward-thinking leaders.

Jorge Quezada - The VP of Inclusive Diversity for Granite Construction. Tune in as we talk about how jumping out of planes relates to leadership. Turning insight into action.Using curiosity to overcome fear. Assuming good intent before judging. How do you meet people where they are at and much more...!

Bryan Boyd - The Director of Learning and Development at Grand Pacific Resorts. Watch as we talk about how Chicago's lowest-performing school improves due to psychological safety. The principal gave the students a safe space to learn. Learn how just knowing about emotional intelligence and psychological safety won't change behavior. Awareness of actions is the first step, evaluating is the next.

Jessi Cruikshank - The Director of Leadership Development at the Foursquare International Church. We talk about bias in babies and should those working from home be paid less? How curiosity and neuroscience play a part in bias. The six-second rule to controlling emotions and breathing correctly.

Recent Thoughts

Over the past few decades, life has become increasingly fast-paced and more demanding. We are inundated with messages from texts, emails, social media, advertising, and more. The brain has only so much bandwidth and is easily hijacked by algorithms that are designed to keep our attention for as long as possible.

It is easy to get stuck in a lifestyle where you no longer feel in control. Everyone and everything demands your attention. However, you do have control. You just have to realize that every second of every day, you have the ability to make a choice. You can choose to watch that video, or scroll through that news feed, or play that video game. You can also choose to go for a walk, or play with your kids, or drink a glass of water.

Try this. Several times throughout the day, ask yourself, "Is this what I really want to be doing right now? Is this making me happy? Is this going to make the future me happy?" If the answer is, "No" to any of these questions, then stop what you are doing and make a choice to do something else. You can do it! You have the power!

What's New at Maximyz?

If you are looking for a new and fun way to administer experiential training, our games are perfect for you. Now more than ever, games are a great way for individuals to feel connected and engaged and to make learning more fun in these stressful times. Use these games to maximize your course content while strengthening relationships.

Our games are now live and available for trainers and coaches to use at will. We even have a free version for trial. Learn more about it on our trainers' page. We plan on releasing new games each month. So please stay tuned!

Your access gives unlimited use for the duration of the license and with full support during your term. Add extended services such as customization, facilitation assistance, analytics, assessments, and more, and your training is bound to be the most sought after.


  • Facilitators Guide

  • Game Guide

  • Themed Video

  • Themed Music

  • Online Links to the Game FIles

  • Hints and Answers

  • 100% Support

Please feel free to reach out if you would like a demo or have any questions.

See you next time!

Rahel and Matt Heinecke

Founders of Maximyz

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