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The Interchange by Maximyz

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

We would love to have you on our show!

Maximyz has a mission to bring people and teams closer together through better communication skills. We are curating a series of talks and interviews about personal and professional experiences that relate to improving communication and creating a better understanding of each other. Our hope is that these insights will inspire and help others to build a better world full of compassion and kindness. We plan to ask you a few open-ended questions about your thoughts and experiences as a subject matter expert.


Let's get the word out! Other leaders can benefit from your experiences and expertise. How have you created an inclusive and engaged workplace? What lessons did you learn along the way? How can others improve their corporate culture?

The overall interview will be conducted and recorded via a Zoom call. We will give you the opportunity to approve of what we will display in our publications whether it be text, audio, or video. We will also ensure you approve of all materials before being published. Examples of areas where we might publish the content would be: our Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Spotify, YouTube, etc.

The interview itself will consist of a series of open-ended questions related to the below topics where you will be able to elaborate as you wish. It is a very casual talk with Mathew and Rahel Heinecke from Maximyz.

For: CEOs, COOs, VP of Operations, Director of Operations

Duration: 45 minutes or less

Media: Video & Audio

Topics: Employee Engagement, Team Communication, Psychological Safety, Bias, Emotional Intelligence, Inclusive Communication, Personality Styles, Culture, Fun at Work, Attracting & Retaining Talent, Genders, Training & Development, Cognitive Skills, Performance Metrics, and Generations.

Ready to share your thoughts with the world?

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