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The Playground - May 2021

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Maximyz Newsletter

May 2021

Welcome to our first newsletter!

We are excited to share our thoughts, experiences, and news with you. Each month we will bring you the latest and greatest from Maximyz.

Our plan is to provide you with interesting news around communication and team building skills, feature one of our great interviews, share a quick tip, add any final thoughts, and tell you about what is new at Maximyz.

We hope you enjoy it, find useful information, and use it to learn and grow yourself and others.

That's Interesting!

Do you have any friends that are much older or younger than you? If not, you should. There are many benefits to having friends from other generations. This INC. article explains how doing so will make you smarter, more resilient, and more open minded.


Our first webinar was awesome! ‘How Play Can Guide You To Inclusion’ was a smashing success! People were able to learn about our process for overcoming bias (the DECAF method). Then they learned how games can make it easier and play a major role in the process. Plus we all got to play a fun game together. And attendees received a free game to play at home or work. Click on the link above to check out the video.

Keep your eyes out for our next event. We will let you know soon about it.

The Interchange

See our first interview! In this episode we speak with Katie Ervin, Associate VP of Strategic Alliances at Park University. Katie shared her valuable insight into the learning and development industry as it contrasts in the corporate vs. educational realms. Katie also shares her passion for positivity and nurturing the younger generations with life skills.

Check it out here: Katie Ervin Interview

If you know anyone who might be interested in being interviewed, please send them our way!

Maximyz Your Minute

Learn how to stop interrupting with some quick and useful tips In our first ‘Maximyz Your Minute’ episode.

Check it out here: Stop Interrupting

Thoughts of the Month

We finally started our rounds of Covid vaccines and it looks like cases are going down in the US. It is finally nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

From those we spoke with, Covid has had an impact on the training and coaching spaces. Companies seem to cut training first when times are tough. They see it as less important than other ‘essential’ areas.

We beg to differ. This past year was where companies should have invested more in their people. People worked hard for those companies and under tremendous stress. The least a company can do is help their people develop skills to make them more resilient and fulfilled.

Many people have told us that they took this time to self reflect and focus on their own growth. We believe that companies who did invest more in their employees will be that much stronger when the economy recovers. People are realizing how valuable personal growth is and we suspect they will gravitate towards those companies that support that growth.

What's New at Maximyz?

Besides creating The Playground, Maximyz Your Minute, and The Interchange, we have been working on growing our network of partners and possible clients.

Part of this included us becoming members of the local Association for Training and Development (ATD) as well as members of a local group called Triad Coaching Connection (TCC). Our hopes is that these organizations will strengthen our knowledge and provide more exposure to us and what we do.

If you know anyone who would be interested in our program, please introduce us so we can share how Maximyz can improve employee relations, boost productivity, reduce mistakes, and ultimately increase profits.

Have a great month!

Rahel and Matt Heinecke

Founders of Maximyz

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