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Why We Should Play More Games at Work

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Games make us feel like a kid again. They're fun! They also relieve stress, create bonds, provide motivation, increase information retention, and allow for skill practice. But many people probably think that games have no place at work... that they're a waste of time and only for kids.

We're here to tell you that incorporating games at the office can help employers attract new talent, increase employee productivity, engagement, and satisfaction, and retain employees longer. And there are additional benefits. A HubSpot article describes the ways in which games can improve trust, relieve stress, and make work feel less mundane. This Entrepreneur article also explores the role of games in increasing productivity, helping teams socialize, and reducing stress.

So they aren't a waste of time?

Definitely not. Especially if they have a purpose. Almost any kind of game promotes team bonding and camaraderie, but games can also be combined with a goal in mind, such as promoting teamwork, psychological safety, or creativity.

There are potential downfalls though. The benefit will be short-lived if not done on a regular basis. That's why we recommend that our programs occur continually. That way, the bonds, learning, and skills are not quickly forgotten. Instead, they become stronger with each session.

Try It

There are numerous games that promote teamwork. A quick search of the internet will yield many. And there are also quite a few new collaborative and cooperative board games on the market today. Try one with your team and see how it goes.

You can even create your own game. Turn a brainstorming session into a contest with awards for the weirdest, cheapest, or funniest ideas. Use your imagination and get your game on!

Want to add games to your training program? Visit our Trainers Page to learn how

At MAXIMYZ, we use games to engage with participants and reinforce our training. Employees practice their skills in a fun and safe environment. To learn more, schedule a meeting with us today!

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