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Are Your Teams Really Communicating?

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Team communication has become more of a challenge. There are many factors: globalization, remote working, more generations working together, increased diversity, and social media. Although these things can have their benefits, they can also make communication difficult. Your teams are working with new technology, different generations, and other cultures they weren’t previously exposed to.

The Problem

The benefits of good communication are nothing new. Your company can save a large percent of lost revenue due to communication issues that cause waste, mistakes, delays, and job dis-satisfaction by improving the way people think about and interact with each other.

Some companies subject their employees to training videos and lectures about communication in order to do this. However, these can be tiresome and quickly forgotten in just a few days. They become just another box to tick on your employee’s training program. It’s as if you took one 4-hour tennis lesson and expect to instantly become a pro.

The Solution

What if you trained like an athlete? What if you trained teams like a champion sports team? Just like a coach, you would teach players simple concepts and then ask them to practice it over and over with each other while doing drills or games. Then you would give the players and team feedback on their performance, and probably watch a video together to pinpoint the mistakes.

Why can’t you train team communication skills in the same way? You can!

Read more to find out how.

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