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A New and Improved Way to Learn Team Communication Skills

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

In the previous posts, you learned about how important communication skills are for teams and the bottom line. You learned about what communication skills are needed. And you learned how one-off lecture style training is easily forgotten.

Our program helps solve all these problems and more. We give you repeated doses of: Bite-Sized Training, Fun Team Adventures, and Focused Reporting.


In the game, you and your teammates will each receive a different set of information. You will only be allowed to describe what you see and think to your other teammates. You are encouraged to use the communication learnings while playing the game. Afterwards, we will review the video of the game and give you a report on your communication skills and a development guide to show you how to improve them.


  • Education in bite-sized chunks helps you better digest and retain the information.

  • When you play the game, you will have a fun and safe environment to practice what you just learned.

  • A game makes it more engaging, entertaining, and memorable.

  • A shared experience strengthens bonds between teammates.

  • Challenges are designed to benefit cognitive skills such as: memory, problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, and logic, etc.

  • The report provides valuable insights and advice to help you and your team improve.

  • Learning on a regular basis so that you reinforce and improve your skills over time.


  • We are licensed and certified by the UCLA Longevity Center to incorporate memory skills training from their Brain Boot Camp program.

  • We have years of experience interacting with hundreds of teams and designing hundreds of brain-game adventures.

  • Courses are based on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited materials.


Here is what they say:

Ready, Set, Go!

Take your teams to the next level and start seeing them perform!

Get in touch and set up a phone call or demo today at!

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