Lost Island

Game Guide

Level: Intermediate

# of Players: 1-8

Recommended Duration: 40 minutes


In this game, players are lost on a strange island in the middle of the ocean. They have to make the right choices together in order to survive and escape in time.  

This is a self-guided journey and can be done alone or in a team. As a team, you can be their guide, narrator, and presenter by sharing your screen and making the selections for the team. Alternatively, someone from the team can be selected to fill this role.



You take a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to the remote South Pacific sea. Although excited, you can't shake a strange sense of fear. It keeps pulling at you like a child asking for candy at the store. 

Now that you are halfway there, you wish you had listened to that voice in the back of your head. An ominous storm lurks on the horizon and quickly surrounds the boat you are on...

Once the chaos settles, you awake to find yourself on a small island. You vaguely remember the screams of those who did not make it.



There are 3 puzzles in this game. Each is different in terms of skills needed and the situation encountered. 


Puzzle 1 - The Beach and Monsters

Finding themselves on the beach, the players have to decide what to do next. Each choice will advance them to the next part of the story. However, many choices will cause them to die or lose time along the way.   



Make the right choices to move on in the story and make it to the cave.



This will be trial and error. The answers are not always obvious and a little bit of luck can help here.



Follow these selections to make it to the end:

Enter the Jungle -> Don’t Move and Stay Quiet -> Climb Higher up the Hill -> Enter the Cave



Hints are not needed here unless it appears they are using too much time to get through it. In that case, you can try these song lyrics as hints:

  1. Welcome to the jungle.

  2. The sound of silence.

  3. Ain’t no mountain high enough.

  4. Hello, darkness my old friend.


Puzzle 2 - The Cave

Once inside the cave, the players will find a trap left behind by primitive people. They need to find the right order of tiles to step on to make it across the chamber. Each player will have a different tile they see. Each tile has a series of dots in the middle and a number of horizontal and vertical lines. They each also have a word at the bottom of the page. 



Choose the right sequence of tiles to find an 8-digit number.




They are encouraged to first put the words in order to find the sentence. The words with a dot next to them pertain to the dots and the words with a line next to them pertain to the lines.

Now the players know the dots represent the order of the numbers and the lines represent the numbers. They can easily decipher the 8-digit code


Put Dots in Order
Count Lines for Number



This puzzle is relatively straightforward and should not need any hints. However, in case you still need some, here they are:


  1. How do the words go together?

  2. Do the words have something next to them? I wonder what those are for?

  3. You are looking for an 8-digit number. So I guess you need to know what the 8-digits are and what order they go in.


Puzzle 3 - Science Lab

Once they solve the previous puzzle, they make it to the abandoned science lab. Here each player will have some scientific notes with equations, symbols, and words on them. They need to work out how they go together to open the door and escape.



Find an 8-letter passcode. 



Each player has the same part of an equation twice on their page that starts with F(x) = ???. One will have a letter (for example: F(x) = G) and the other will have a phrase (for example: F(x) = the keyboard device). 

Putting together the sentences provides a further hint on how to arrange the 8-letters find into a name.



Enter 8 letters into a keyboard device.
The code to leave is a simple name.
It is the last one made from ice.
Combine it with a metal that is well known.



Here are some possible hints:

  1. What is made from ice?

  2. What is a well-known metal?

  3. What are possible last names made from the letters you found?