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Train Robbers

Find out where ol' Jake is hidin' the loot!



# of Players:



30 Minutes

Train Robbers

You're a rootin' tootin' band of train robbin' bandits. You just made yer gettaway and the boss, Rattlesnake Jake, decided on hidin’ the loot until the dust settles a bit.

Each uv ya just received an envelope from jake with instructions on where to find the money. However, there is just one catch.

The letter's got some strange symbols and codes on ‘em and y'all got work together to figure it out. Guess ol’ Jake doesn't trust ya as far as he can throw ya.

And If you don't show up in 30 minutes, he's gunna skeedaddle with the cash.

So, get saddled up and ride out together to get yer prize.

Yeee Haaa!

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