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Nancy Zare

Sales Coaching, Sales Consulting, Speaker/Author

Using her knowledge of psychology, Nancy Zare, Ph.D. teaches service-based professionals how to increase sales comfortably, without being salesy.

A certified sales trainer, Dr. Nancy Zare works with service-based professionals who want to build a prosperous business in alignment with their values. She gives them x-ray vision of how buyers buy so they can adjust their communication style to match their prospects.


Nancy earned her master's and doctorate from Boston College and is a former professor of social work. She is the author of six books, including an Amazon international bestseller.


Her interest in psychology began as a child observing a stormy marital relationship between her parents. She discovered that her parents had difficulty communicating with each other, and by serving as translater, their relationship improved.


How she married psychology and sales is a great story and illustrates the power of speaking the language of the other person.


Accredited in sales training and adult learning, Nancy turns education into edutainment. Her secret desire is to go racing on the Autobahn.


Nancy resides in Florida, is a student of spirituality and recovery, and volunteers as a foster family for the Farm Dog Rescue.

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