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Mathew Heinecke

Game Design, Team Building, Creativity

I love helping people and seeing them grow and improve their minds. Adventure, play, games, and fun are embedded in my nature.

I am a creative, analytical, improver with a passion for using games to teach and bring people closer together.

I believe in a positive growth mindset and that we need to keep an open mind, listen more, and share our stories. My story and the story of our business are written below.

I have a vision where we all have daily access to learn more about ourselves, our minds, and each other. The more we achieve this, the more we can reduce poverty, crime, pain, ignorance, hate, and sadness.

I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah playing sports and being active in the beautiful outdoors. This gave me an appreciation for what it takes to make a winning team and be accountable and for the power, awe, and wonder of nature.

I achieved my Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah where I got to build an autonomous robot and build and launch a rocket. I am proud to say that I am the first in my family to graduate from a university and that I paid for it myself using loans and working two jobs.

I spent many years as an engineer and project manager in the aerospace and heavy-duty vehicle industries solving complex engineering problems.

Then I met the woman of my dreams from Tanzania and my whole life changed. Rahel opened my eyes and mind to many different worlds. Through curiosity and discovery we realized how our differences made us stronger and gave us almost super human powers. I focused on growing my mind by meeting and speaking with many great minds who were working to make the world better and I finally found my purpose...

To also make the world a better place by creating fun ways of connecting and learning.

Maximyz has a mission to bring people together through play. We believe in using mission-based games as means for people to learn and understand more about themselves and each other.

Rahel and I owned an escape room game business called Psycho 60. What we loved about it was that it got people off their screens, interacting with each other, being social, using their minds, and working together to complete a fun mission. It was also a great way to observe team behaviors such as personality styles, communication skills, decision making, problem solving, and leadership. We created hundreds of games and worked with over 1,000 teams.

The pandemic gave us the opportunity to pivot to an online platform and now we focus on using games to make training programs interactive, fun, and engaging.

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